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FAQs and Troubleshooting
FAQs and Troubleshooting

A regularly curated list of the most commonly asked questions by TalentLyft customers

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How Does the Free Trial Work?14 days free trial period
What is an 'Active Opening'?An active opening can be position in status: published, internal and closed.
Adding a Candidate that Already Exists in the SystemWhat happens if you add a candidate that already has an application on that job or has a candidate profile in the system?
Extending Retention Period ConsentsFind out whose retention period consents are expiring soon and send them an email to extend the consents
Email PlaceholdersSave time when emailing your candidates and prepare email templates for some of the most common topics and conversations.
How Do I Deactivate a User?Deleting account members
How to Post a Job to a Job Board that TalentLyft is Not Integrated with?Find out how to post a TalentLyft job to a Job board that TalentLyft isn't integrated with
Can I Use My Own Rating Scale in Scorecards?Evaluation scorecard ratings are fixed and can't be customized, but you can customize your evaluation and screening in other ways.
Which Languages are Supported by TalentLyft?TalentLyft supported languages
How to Send a Consent Request Via Email?Request privacy policy & retention period consents from candidates who are sourced, imported, applied by email or their consent is expiring.
How to Edit or Delete My Note?How to edit or delete a note that you have previously left on a candidate.
How to Edit or Cancel Scheduled Events?Learn how to update or delete your scheduled events with candidates.
How to Delete My Company Account?If you no longer want to use your TalentLyft company account, here is how you can delete it and all the related data.
Using Relative Operators When Filtering Your Candidate DatabaseFind relevant candidates much faster and easier using relative operators to combine different criteria and set their relationship.
How to Regain Access to Your Account After it Has Been LockedOr just let us know and we can unlock your account on the spot. 😊
Understanding Application and Candidate Sources in TalentLyftUnderstand your candidates' application sources and track where your best candidates come from to optimize your recruitment.
How to Change My Career Site Logo?Learn how to start branding your career site by adding your own company logo to your TalentLyt career site.
How to Change My Career Site Font and Colors?Learn how to customize your TalentLyt career site with your own brand colors and Fonts.
Using Tags in TalentLyftMark interesting candidates and their applications for easier rediscovery later.
How to Change My Language in TalentLyft?Learn how to change your in-app language to Croatian or English.
How to Stop Receiving Notifications Only For Selected JobsStop receiving notifications for jobs where you have completed all your work and tasks.
How to Delete Jobs in TalentLyftLearn how to delete previously created jobs in TalentLyft.
How to Change Your Notification EmailChange the email address that you will use for receiving notifications
How to Create Job Templates?Use Draft status to create job templates in TalentLyft
How to Join Multiple Company Accounts?You can have more than one account
Create New or Switch to Another Company AccountLearn how to create a new company account or switch between accounts if you have access to multiple company accounts