If you are using our integrated assessments and your candidate notifies you that they didn’t receive the email invitation for the sent assessment, please ask them to check the following things:

  • Ask your candidates if they have checked their Spam or Promotions (if they are using Google email) folders. Sometimes, automatic system emails can end up there due to predefined or custom spam filters.

  • Maybe they have entered the wrong contact email, so please ask them to confirm their email address. On the applications form, perhaps they mistyped or shared their old email address by mistake, and the assessment email was sent to the wrong email address.

If you have asked them to check both and still can’t find the email anywhere in their mailbox, please reach out to our chat support so that we can contact the assessment provider.

Before reaching out to our chat support, please try to have the following information ready:

  • Candidates' full name and email address to which you have sent the assessment. If you found out that the candidate shared the wrong email address with you, please have the correct one ready as well.

  • Name of the assessment provider whose assessment you tried ordering and sending and the full name of the assessment.
    For instance, the Working values questionnaire from Selekcija.hr

We will then reach out to our assessment integration partner and check with them if they can give us more information about what happened and resend the assessment email to the same or the corrected candidate’s email address.

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