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Online Assessments

Order assessments from vendors integrated with TalentLyft and get results through the TalentLyft app.

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Assessments are pre-made online tests, written and designed by assessment companies and vendors. They are designed to test specific characteristics of your candidates.

For example, they can determine the level of respect for authority your candidate has, is he/she able to work well with others (in a team) or is he/she better working alone, his/her level of organization skills, etc.

In TalentLyft, you can order assessments and receive their results, all in one place.

Adding assessments to evaluation plan

Like scorecards, assessments also need to be added to your evaluation plan for you to use them on candidates.

Follow these steps to add an assessment to a job:

  • Go to the evaluation plan of that job and select the stage where you want to add an assessment to.

  • Click on the red Add icon on the right side of your screen.

  • The add assessments window will open, where you can search assessments by name, using the Search option, or filter them by vendor and language.

  • When you find the assessment that you want to use, click on the Add button.

NOTE: Each assessment can be used only once per job.

When the assessment is added, it will be visible on the assessment part of that stage.
To delete an assessment, click on the trash bin icon, next to the name.

NOTE: You will not be charged for the assessment until you send it to a candidate.

Ordering assessments

When a candidate reaches the stage in a hiring pipeline that has an assessment added to it, the Order assessment button will appear in the main application window.

Clicking on the icon will open the order window. Here you can tick the checkbox next to the assessment you want to order and click Order. You can see the price of that assessment (displayed in credits) and the total number of credits you have available.

The candidate will receive an email, containing the link to the vendors page and detailed instructions on how to access the assessment.

If the candidate doesn’t have a valid email address or if a vendor rejects the order, you will receive the notification that the assessment couldn’t be ordered and your credits will be refunded for that order.

After the candidate has finished the assessment, the results will be available on his/her activity feed, with an option to download the Assessment report.

NOTE: You can edit your notification settings to receive notifications when the assessment results are submitted (you will also receive a notification if an assessment is rejected and cannot be sent to a candidate).

TalentLyft assessments (closed beta)

The custom assessment option is currently in the closed beta stage of testing. By using the custom assessment option, you will also be able to set up custom assessments, add custom questions, send them to candidates, and receive their answers, all in TalentLyft.

If you are interested in this new feature and you want to test it yourself, before it goes live, please contact us via chat.

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