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SELECTIO Group Integration

Learn how to integrate TalentLyft with your SELECTIO Group account and send assessments and receive results all in one place

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Through TalentLyft’s integration with SELECTIO Group, you can order assessments for candidates to complete and later see the results in TalentLyft, all in one place.

About SELECTIO Group

SELECTIO Group is the largest and leading consultancy group in human resources management in Croatia, acting as a one-stop shop for all HR services. Nearly all leading companies in the Croatian labor market use the services of SELECTIO Group.

Thanks to its partnership approach and deep insight into various organizations, SELECTIO successfully tailors solutions for each client.

Available Tests

On TalentLyft, you have the opportunity to use SELECTIO tools for the highest quality psychological assessments, which are psychometrically valid, reliable, and normed on a relevant working population. Psychological testing and specific competency assessments for selected candidates are also available. To ensure the reliability of testing, the SELECTIO platform uses automatic candidate monitoring, which activates the camera every few milliseconds during the test.

In addition to classic testing, which includes a general cognitive abilities test, a personality questionnaire, and a work values questionnaire, the test battery can be fully customized to your needs!

Specific assessments such as the Belbin Team Roles Questionnaire, DNLA Leadership Competency Questionnaire, and DNLA Social Competency Questionnaire are also available.

How to enable the integration

To connect your SELECTIO Group and TalentLyft accounts, please go to your Integrations settings in TalentLyft and click on the Settings button for the Selectio tile.

To enable the integration, you will need your Selectio API key which you can get from your contact at SELECTIO Group or you can reach out to them at [email protected] and ask for your API key. After you add your key, please click on the Save button to connect your accounts.

How to order assessments and review candidates' results

After you have successfully connected your accounts, you can send SELECTIO Group assessments to candidates and later receive their results in TalentLyft as SELECTIO Group will be added as one of the available assessment vendors.

Please note that after you integrate your accounts and you want to add a SELECTIO Group assessment to a stage, all their assessments will have a price set at 0.00 USD. You will be charged according to your agreement and subscription with SELECTIO Group directly on their platform.

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