TestDome Integration

Learn how to integrate TalentLyft with your TestDome account and send assessments and receive results all in one place

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Through TalentLyft’s integration with TestDome, you will be able to order tests for candidates to complete and see the results, all in one place.

Enable the integration on your TestDome account

To enable the integration on TestDome's end, please open your TestDome account and follow these steps.

  • click on Account on your main dashboard

  • open the Integrations & API section

Enable the integration on your TalentLyft account

To enable the integration on TalentLyft, click on the Profile icon and select the Integrations option. Scroll down to the TestDome integration settings and click on the Settings button.

You will need to enable the Integration and fill in your Username and API password from your TestDome account.

NOTE: To generate your API password, you will need to access your TestDome account settings. Go to https://app.testdome.com/account/user-settings/api and click Generate password.

The other two things that you need to set up are the time (days) in which the candidate needs to take the test after it has been sent and an option to enable Proctoring. If you enable Proctoring, the proctoring software will periodically take webcam screenshots of the candidate who is taking the test.

After you click on the Save button, the integration is complete and you can order TestDome tests from TalentLyft and send them to your candidates.

NOTE: TestDome assessments will be visible, on the list of available assessments, after you integrate your accounts.

All TestDome assessments will have the same price in TalentLyft and it is $0.00. This is because all your TestDome assessments will be paid from your TestDome account and Dashboard.

After the candidate submits his or her test, TestDome will review the test and send you the results. It will be visible on the Activity feed for the tested candidate.

NOTE: If you click on the External report section, it will open the detailed view of the results with an option to expand to see each question and to see what the candidate wrote and their answers.

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