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MojPosao (Hercul) Integration
MojPosao (Hercul) Integration

Integrate your TalentLyft account with Hercul to get all the candidates that applied via MojPosao posts imported to your TalentLyt account

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TalentLyft offers seamless integration with Hercule, enabling the automatic import of all candidates who apply through MojPosao job posts into your TalentLyft account.
This integration simplifies the recruitment process, ensuring that you don't miss out on any potential candidates while managing all your applications efficiently within TalentLyft.

How to post jobs on MojPosao

Nothing changes operationally and you will still reach out to your contact person from MojPosao and share the job description with them so they could post it on their website.

Jobs in TalentLyft will also be created and published as you did it before.

How it works

The TalentLyft-Hercule integration operates on a regular synchronization schedule of every 24 hours.

During this synchronization, all new candidates who have applied through MojPosao job posts will be imported directly into their respective jobs within TalentLyft.

However, there may be cases where the job titles in TalentLyft do not precisely match those on MojPosao. In such instances, candidates from those MojPosao job posts will be imported into your Engage Candidates database in TalentLyft without being assigned to a specific job application.

These candidates will be accompanied by tags indicating that they were imported from Hercule with the job title from MojPosao in the tag field.

NOTE: Job titles should be exactly the same in TalentLyft and on MojPosao for us to be able to import candidates to the correct job so please be careful when editing your jobs on both platforms.

It is important to keep in mind that any jobs created on TalentLyft will not be automatically posted on the MojPosao job board due to API limitations.
To advertise your job on MojPosao, you must manually create the job on both TalentLyft and MojPosao platforms, with matching job titles so the candidates are imported to the correct job.

How to integrate the accounts

Please reach out to your MojPosao support or your dedicated account manager and ask them for your Hercule Client ID and Access key.

After you have your integration credentials, please copy them under the MojPosao Integration Settings in TalentLyft.
To access the Integration settings, please go to Profile - Integrations and click on the Settings button for MojPosao.

After you copy your Hercul integration credentials there, your accounts will be integrated and candidates that apply via your MojPosao posts will be automatically imported to your TalentLyft account once every 24 hours.

GDPR compliance consents

Please reach out to your contact person at MojPosao regarding candidates' GDPR consents.

As data processors, they need to ensure that candidates can give their consents so we could import candidates with their consents from Hercul to TalentLyft.

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