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MojPosao (Hercul) Integration
MojPosao (Hercul) Integration

Integrate your TalentLyft account with the MojPosao job board to get all your applications in one place

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TalentLyft offers seamless integration with Hercul, enabling you to publish jobs on the MojPosao job board directly from your TalentLyft account. After candidates finish their application on MojPosao, they are automatically imported to your TalentLyft account.
This integration simplifies the recruitment process, ensuring that you don't miss out on any potential candidates while managing all your applications efficiently within TalentLyft.

How to integrate the accounts

First, you will need to contact your MojPosao support or your dedicated account manager and ask them for your Hercul Client ID and Access key.


After you have your integration credentials, please copy them under the MojPosao Integration Settings in TalentLyft.

After you copy your Hercul integration credentials there, your accounts will be integrated, and you can publish and promote your jobs directly on MojPosao from TalentLyft.

How to post jobs on MojPosao

Jobs created and published in TalentLyft can be promoted on the MojPosao job board via Premium job boards.
You can promote your jobs to MojPosao from the Get candidates step and by selecting the Premium job boards channel.

NOTE: You will need to add Additional information for Job Boards in your Job details to publish the job on MojPosao.

How it works

When you add the job to your Premium job board campaign and publish it, it will be sent to MojPosao with the job description you edited in TalentLyft and the application form questions you customized. Your account manager from MojPosao will contact you to confirm all the details before they publish the job on their job board.

After a candidate fill out and submit their application via MojPosao, their application will be forwarded to your TalentLyft account with all the relevant application information, including their personal information and application form answers.


How will I know if my job was sent to MojPosao successfully?

Before you can publish your job on MojPosao, you will need to add some additional information in the Additional information for Job Boards section under Job details:

When all the information is added, you can choose the Pay & Publish option, and you will receive the Payment successful message at the bottom of your screen.

Can I connect my TalentLyft account to multiple MojPosao company profiles?

You can connect multiple MojPosao company profiles to your TalentLyt account, allowing you to receive applications to all those company profiles in one TalentLyft account.
You will need to add multiple Client IDs and Access keys; each set belonging to a different account on MojPosao.

What about the imported candidates' compliance and their privacy policy consents?

The candidates will be imported with the compliance consent they gave while applying via MojPosao.
If they revoke their consents on MojPosao, the same will be reflected in TalentLyft, but not the other way around.

Is the integration free?

The integration is free; you only need an ongoing agreement and account on MojPosao.
Before promoting your jobs to MojPosao, you will notice that the price is set at 0 USD, and your promoted jobs will be charged according to your agreement with MojPosao and your subscription.

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