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Free Job Boards Integration

Publish your job ads directly on free job boards around the world, using TalentLyft

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A Job Board Integration is a connection between job boards and an applicant tracking system (in this case, TalentLyft).

That way, you can post open positions on job boards without having to manually post to each one.

You don’t even need an account for the job board that you want to publish your jobs to, everything is done through TalentLyft.

This allows recruiters to mass communicate open positions to thousands of potential candidates, as soon the job is created, and the position is available.

Posting to job boards will help you drive efficiency and extend your candidate reach by making your job ads more accessible to a large network of job seekers.

Through TalentLyft integrations, we offer both Free and Premium options.

Free Job Boards

After you set the job’s status to Published, TalentLyft will automatically distribute your job ad to each integrated free job board that is available for that job's country and location.

NOTE: If you enable publishing to a free job board, and you already have an active job in TalentLyft, it will not be published automatically. Only jobs created after the publishing was enabled will be published automatically.
This will only be done for the countries and locations supported by the job board.

To enable automatic free job board publishing, go to Profile Integrations Free Job Advertising Settings and enable the Post to free job boards automatically option.
After you enable it, you should also add your company Logo which will be used when publishing job ads to integrated free job boards.

NOTE: Positions are syndicated to job boards within 48 hours of being published. All job boards reserve the right to not display your job ad due to their own quality standards.

If you didn’t enable automatic job board posting, but you want to publish a job to a free job board, you can do it manually from the Get candidates stage of creating/editing a job. Just select the free job board you wish to publish your job ad to, and click the Publish button.

The only exception is Indeed. Indeed will automatically publish your job ads, and you don’t have the option to publish individual jobs. You can find more information about publishing on Indeed in this article.

NOTE: To remove a job ad from a free job board, just click the Unpublish button for that job board and the job ad will be removed from the job board.

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