Indeed Job Board Integration

You can publish both free and sponsored job posts to Indeed directly from the TalentLyft app

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By integrating your TalentLyft account and Indeed, you can publish jobs to Indeed directly from the TalentLyft app. This applies to both free and sponsored job ads on Indeed.

Free job advertising on Indeed

By default, publishing a job in TalentLyft will automatically post it to Indeed as a free job ad. This will only be done for the countries supported by Indeed. The list of these countries can be found here.

You can opt-out of this by going to Profile - Integrations - Indeed Settings.

Please note that by disabling Indeed, all of your published jobs will automatically be unpublished from Indeed immediately. Additionally, you won't be able to publish any new jobs to Indeed unless you opt in again.

If you want to opt-in to automatic publishing on Indeed again, repeat the process.

When publishing a job on free job boards, there is no Publish button for Indeed. This is because all jobs are automatically published, and you can only manage your automatic publishing in Free Job Advertising Settings, as described earlier.

Sponsored job advertisements on Indeed

To place sponsored job ads on Indeed via TalentLyft, first go to Profile - Integrations - Indeed Settings.

A new window will open where you can Enable or Disable Indeed Apply button with the slider.

Indeed Apply button is enabled by default. This means that the candidates will apply via the application form displayed on the Indeed page.

If you disable the Indeed Apply button, the candidates will be redirected from Indeed to your TalentLyft job ad when they click Apply button on the Indeed page.

You need to insert your Indeed advertiser email and phone number in the space below.

If you have an Indeed advertiser account, jobs you choose to sponsor will automatically be connected to it based on the email address you provide.

In case you don't have an Indeed advertiser account, Indeed will contact you to set one up as soon as you sponsor your first job.

When you get to the Promote step of creating a job, you will find sponsored Indeed ads on the Premium job boards.

By clicking on the grey "i" icon in the upper right corner of the Indeed section, you will find more information on the sponsored Indeed advertising.

It is important that you understand the pricing model for this feature. You will only be billed for the unique clicks on your job, and if you remove the job from TalentLyft, the sponsored campaign will stop.

Once Indeed gets your Sponsored Job from TalentLyft, and your account is activated, your Sponsored Job campaign will be live within a few hours.

Each sponsored Indeed job post has its Pay Per Click (PPC) budget. Every time someone clicks on your job post, a part of that budget is used. When all of your budget is used up, the post will no longer be sponsored.

Fill out the Additional information for Job Boards if you haven't done this previously in the Job details step. If you haven't entered your Indeed advertiser email in the Integrations, you can also do it here.

Now you are set to order a sponsored job ad on Indeed. Select your budget ($150, $300, or $450) and click on the Shopping cart in the bottom right corner of your screen.

You will notice that your Total is $0.00. This is because all sponsored Indeed job ads are charged by Indeed directly, through your Indeed advertiser account, and not through TalentLyft credits.

Click on the Buy button to confirm your order and send it to Indeed.

Indeed's 'one-source' policy

If you were posting your job ads on Indeed before using TalentLyft, they would not allow you to post to Indeed through TalentLyft by default to prevent job ad duplicates. To enable posting through TalentLyft, you need to contact their team and ask them to make TalentLyft your primary posting source on Indeed.

TalentLyft cannot do this for you due to Indeed's policy. They will only help employers, so you need to contact them yourself. To do that, you can use the contact form here or login into your Indeed employer account and click "Need Help?" at the top of the page. You can use the template below to make this request.

"I am a client of TalentLyft, an ATS integrated with Indeed, and my jobs are included in their comprehensive XML feed. I would like TalentLyft to be my primary posting source. I need a CS rep to review my jobs to determine if they are suitable for organic visibility per Indeed's Quality Standards. "


I have integrated Indeed with my TalentLyft account and shared a job to Indeed, why the job isn't visible?

Positions are syndicated to Indeed within 48 hours of being published. All job boards reserve the right to not display your job ad due to their own quality standards.

It's been 48 hours as I shared a job to Indeed and it's still not visible.

Please check the details shared with Indeed from Basic information section as the mentioned details should be exact in order for Indeed to recognize it (for ex. correct City is New York, instead of "NYC" as LinkedIn can not recognize abbreviation).

What happens if I disable the Indeed integration?

If you disable the Indeed integration, all your published jobs will be immediately unpublished from Indeed. You won't be able to post new jobs to Indeed until you opt in again.

How can I re-enable automatic publishing on Indeed?

To opt back into automatic publishing on Indeed, repeat the process in Profile - Integrations - Indeed Settings.

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