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How to Post a Job to a Job Board that TalentLyft is Not Integrated with?
How to Post a Job to a Job Board that TalentLyft is Not Integrated with?

Find out how to post a TalentLyft job to a Job board that TalentLyft isn't integrated with

Updated over a week ago

When posting a job to a job board that is not integrated with TalentLyft, there are three ways to redirect all applications to TalentLyft automatically.

Job shortlink

The first and best way to do it is to redirect all applications to an external page via Job shortlink.

You can find Job shortlink for every job on the Track screen. Just click on the Share icon, and the shortlink will be displayed.

Copy this shortlink in your job post as a note for your Job board service provider where you state that you wish to use an external page for applications.

For example, some job boards are not integrated with TalentLyft. If you want to redirect all applications from Croatian job boards to TalentLyft, add this note in the Job description as displayed in the image below.

This way is better because the applications go directly to TalentLyft, which means that they are not formatted by Job board provider. This makes our algorithms that extract information about candidates from applications and CVs more accurate.

Job apply shortlink

The only difference between Job shortlink and Job apply shortlink is that Job apply shortlink skips the header section and the job description part and leads you directly to the job application form.

You can find your Job apply shortlink just under the Job shortlink on the Track screen after clicking on the Share icon.

Note: We suggest using Job shortlink for redirecting the applications from job boards to TalentLyft in order to have a normal flow of job information.

Job Email address

Another way you can do this is to use the Job email address generated by TalentLyft and have all applications sent to it.

You will find your Job email just beneath the Job apply shortlink on the Track screen when you click on the Share icon.

Copy this address and set it as an email to which you want to receive applications from the Job board. Make sure that you choose the option that allows you to receive all documents attached to the application, as TalentLyft will extract all information about candidates from the attachments.

This way is not preferred because emails will arrive in TalentLyft formatted as Job board notifications. Depending on the Job board provider and its way of formatting, TalentLyft might not be able to extract information about the candidates from notifications.

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