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Managing Your Jobs in TalentLyft
Managing Your Jobs in TalentLyft

Learn what options are available for you when managing your active jobs in TalentLyft

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After you have created a job, it will be visible in the main Track window. All jobs, regardless of their status, are visible there and can be managed. If you need to make any additional changes to the job, schedule a closing date for new applications, etc., you can do it here. Each job has its own section, and you can interact with that job within that section.

The first three available job management options for every Active job are Share, Schedule, and Notifications.

  • Share option - allows you to share a job on social media networks, or you can publicly share the job's direct email. By sharing it on social networks, you can share the job's shortlink directly on that network. As for the share email option, you will ask your candidates to apply via the job's email address (asking them to send their applications to that email address).

  • Schedule option - you can choose a publishing date for a job and when it will close for new applicants. This option is useful when you have edited the job, but you are still not ready to promote it publicly or set up when the job becomes unavailable for new applicants to apply.

  • Notifications - will allow you to keep track of other user's activities on a job or with candidates. The bell icon will be greyed out when there are no new notifications for that job or red if there are new notifications.

By clicking on the red Bell icon, you will be redirected to your Inbox, where you can view your new notifications.

Additional options for managing jobs can be viewed by clicking on the more options icon, located on the right side of that job's part of the screen.

  • Edit – option to edit your existing job. After clicking on it, you will access the first step of creating/editing a job.

  • View – after clicking the view option, your Career site editor will open

  • Get candidates – this will open the Get candidates stage of Job creation/Job editing process where you can share and advertise your jobs on social networks, job boards, by referrals or external recruiters, or simply source candidates yourselves..

  • Clone – option to do a duplicate job, with no applicants in it. When you click on the Clone button, you will be redirected to the first step of Job creation/Job editing process. Still, the information about the job, application form, and evaluation plan will carry over to this job.

  • The next three options are changing the job status to Published, Internal, Closed, or Archived.

  • Unfollow this job - When you unfollow a job in TalentLyft, you will stop receiving notifications only for that job, regardless of the action. Unfollowing a job is useful when you don’t want to turn off notifications for all jobs regarding certain actions, but only you want to stop receiving notifications for specific jobs.

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