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Sharing and Advertising jobs on job boards & social media
Sharing and Advertising your Jobs through TalentLyft
Sharing and Advertising your Jobs through TalentLyft

Share and advertise your jobs on social networks, job boards, by referrals or external recruiters, or simply source candidates yourselves.

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Get candidates is the last step in creating or editing a job in TalentLyft. Here, you can additionally promote your jobs, making them more accessible for candidates to apply.

You can advertise and share your jobs via advertising, referral programs, external recruiters, and you can also proactively source candidates using our hire extension.


Advertising your jobs through job boards and social networks allows you to mass communicate open positions to thousands of potential candidates as soon as the job is published and the position is available.
This will help you drive efficiency and extend your candidate reach by making your jobs more accessible to a large network of job seekers.

You can also use Recommended channels feature to promote your jobs on the best-performing platforms and channels.

When posting it on social networks, the information visible will be the meta description details you entered while editing your Job details.
We offer both free and premium options when promoting your jobs to job boards and social networks.
You can also use free and paid social network campaigns to post and promote your job ads and reach even more quality candidates.

NOTE: Please note that there is also the option to upload your existing contract with a premium job board that is available which will adjust the price to match your existing contract.

Referral and Internal mobility

Asking a colleague to refer a candidate for a job. Each coworker you contact (via referral email message) can share a link to a job with their connections, and every candidate that applies via that link will be referred by that colleague.

Internal mobility is a great way to promote your internal jobs to everyone within your company who may be qualified to apply to change departments or roles.

After adding an employee or employees to a referral program, you will have the option to select the employees you wish to send an email to.

NOTE: If you have already added employees to a referral program, you can tick the checkbox next to their name and send them the referral mail with a link to share with their contacts.

Every employee will receive a unique link, but the email message will be the same for all recipients.

External resources

Adding External recruiters to your recruiting process in TalentLyft.

External recruiters will only see jobs that you gave them permission to do and candidates added to the company account.

To invite an external recruiter to TalentLyft (via the email invitation), enter their name and a valid email address. You can do this from your App settings, Team members section, or you can add them directly on a job, from the Get candidates tab.

Find candidates

You can easily find candidates on the most popular social networks.

Just click on one of the options we are offering below and use the TalentLyft Hire extension to source candidates from their social network profiles.

NOTE: The profiles will be searched and filtered by keywords from the job title and the city name you entered when editing the job.

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