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How to Share Your Jobs on Social Networks through TalentLyft
How to Share Your Jobs on Social Networks through TalentLyft

Share job openings on social media

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After you have created a job, it is time for the candidates to start applying. TalentLyft provides a wide range of job advertising options. You can post jobs to multiple free and premium job boards worldwide or engage more passive candidates and advertise your jobs on social networks, all through TalentLyft. That way, you can expand your candidate reach and attract a lot more candidates by just waiting for them to find your careers site and apply.

To share your job on social networks, in the main Track window, click on the share icon for the job you wish to promote and select one of the icons, representing a social network, to share your job.

Available social networks where you can share your jobs through TalentLyft are:

  • Facebook

  • LinkedIn

  • Pinterest

  • Twitter

  • Xing

Share a job on Facebook

Click the Facebook button to open the sharing window. The preview shows how the post will appear on Facebook, complete with a small ‘we’re hiring’ image and link to view the full details. Above the preview is room to write an optional message.

At the top of the window is a dropdown menu, revealing 5 sharing options:

  • Share to News Feed or Story – the job ad will appear on your News Feed or/and as Your Story. At the bottom of the window, you’ll see the option to share the post with everyone, all friends, close friends, etc.

  • Share on a Friend’s Timeline – useful if you already know someone who could be interested in the position, or that person has a following of people who could be interested. Tap this option to enter the friend’s name

  • Share in a Group – useful if you’re part of a professional Facebook group or know people in a social group who could be interested in this position. Tap this option to enter the name of the group

  • Share in an Event – share a job ad in an Event. Tap this option to enter the Event name

  • Share in a Private Message – share this when you’d like to discuss the job privately.

Share a job on LinkedIn

Click on the LinkedIn button, a new window will open that will show a preview (which you can edit) and give you an option to add text to your post. You can choose who can see your post, Public or Connections. Also, you can choose the Groups or Individuals you want to share with.

Share a job on Pinterest

Click on the Pinterest button, a new window will open where you can Create a new board. Click on the create a board icon, name your board, and pick if you want it to be a secret board or a public and click on the Create button.

Share a job on Twitter

To post a job on Twitter, click the small ‘Tweet’ button. The window that opens has a pre-written but editable message and a link to the job and application form. If you need to, edit the tweet to match your employer brand more closely.

Share a job on XING

Click on the XING button, a new window will open that will show a preview of the post. After editing the text you want, you can choose to post it as a XING update or via private message.

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