Promote your Job Ads on Paid Job Boards

Use paid job board ads to get ahead of the competition and promote your job posts.

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Posting your job ads on paid job boards will give you access to more qualified candidates, make your jobs more relevant, and will position them higher on the list of job ads that match the criteria set by the potential candidate.

As the ads will become more accessible for candidates to apply and you will also gain access to a larger pool of candidates and target the relevant group of candidates because most of the job boards have advanced targeting and filtering options.

NOTE: Paid ads are purchased using TalentLyft credits.

To promote your job using our integrated paid job boards, please go to the Get candidates step of creating/editing your jobs and open the Premium job boards section, and select the job board or job boards that you want to use.

NOTE: While paid job boards offer several advantages, it's important for recruiters to carefully select the platforms that align with their target audience, industry, and hiring needs.

If you are not sure which job board you would use to promote your jobs and what kind of promotion is included, you can click on the job board's field to expand the details about each available premium job board.

NOTE: You can also add and activate more than one premium job board campaign by selecting more than one from the list.

There is also the option to combine different channels of job promotion, such as combining your paid job promotion with social network ads and campaigns.


Why should I consider posting job ads on paid job boards?

Posting on paid job boards enhances visibility, attracts more qualified candidates, and elevates your job listings on relevant search result lists, increasing the likelihood of reaching the right talent.

Is it possible to activate more than one premium job board campaign simultaneously?

Yes, you have the flexibility to activate multiple premium job board campaigns simultaneously. This allows you to diversify your reach and target a broader audience.

How do I ensure I select the right premium job boards for my industry and hiring needs?

While paid job boards offer advantages, it's crucial to align your choices with your target audience, industry, and specific hiring requirements. Carefully review the details provided for each premium job board to make informed decisions.

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