Promoting Jobs Using Recommended Channels

Use our suggested job promotion channels to advertise your jobs in all the right places

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Get the most out of your campaign budget by using our recommended channels to promote your jobs on the best-performing platforms and channels. This includes paid job board promotion, social network campaigns, and promotional bundles that combine both.

TalentLyft will suggest the best-performing channels depending on your job's title, industry, and location.

How to promote jobs using Recommended channels?

You can promote your jobs from the Get candidates screen when creating or editing your jobs in TalentLyft.
Click on the Recommended channels section, and the recommended ones will be highlighted in yellow.

You can review each one by clicking on it for more information about each promotion channel.

When you decide to promote your job using that channel, click the Add to campaign button and confirm by clicking Review and Publish.

The flow is the same as when promoting jobs using regular Paid job boards.

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