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Promote your Jobs on Social Networks via Paid Ad Campaigns
Promote your Jobs on Social Networks via Paid Ad Campaigns

Reach more people and potential candidates via job boards using the Paid Ads promotion.

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Increase your candidate reach even more on social networks using targeted advertising with our paid ad campaigns on social networks.

This way you will reach and attract even more candidates much faster, but with less manual work. You will also reach a larger and more diverse audience, and build your company brand as well.

Paid ad campaigns are a great source of candidates for companies that don't have a social network page on that network to promote their job ads because they are not linked to a social network page, but to your jobs and application forms in TalentLyft directly.

NOTE: Paid ads are purchased using TalentLyft credits.

To promote your job, please go to the Get candidates step of creating/editing your jobs and open the Social Networks & Paid Ads list to select the platform and campaign that you want to use.

You can click on each campaign field to expand the details and learn more about each different network and campaign.

NOTE: You can also add and activate more than one campaign by selecting more than one from the list.

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