Joberty Integration

Learn how to connect your TalentLyft and Joberty accounts to automatically post your jobs on Joberty.

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Are you eager to streamline your job posting process? Our recent integration with Joberty allows you to publish job listings on Joberty effortlessly via your TalentLyft account. This integration simplifies the recruitment process by automating job postings, ensuring your job openings reach a wider audience without any extra work.

How to Connect Your Joberty Account with TalentLyft

  1. Sign in to TalentLyft

  2. Go to Profile – Integrations

  3. Scroll down through available integrations and open the Joberty Settings

  4. Paste your Joberty Company ID and Save your integration settings

After successfully integrating your Joberty and TalentLyft accounts, you will see the message Connected in the Joberty section.

NOTE: You can find your Company ID as the number highlighted in your company's profile URL: If your company is not listed, please contact Joberty at [email protected].

How to publish jobs on Joberty via TalentLyft

This integration gives you Free and Premium job publishing options.
As Joberty is a platform specialized for developers and tech companies, only jobs in the following industries will be published there:

  • Information Technology (IT)

  • Customer Service

  • Marketing

  • Design

Here is where you will need to choose one of the industries mentioned above:

Free job boards

Once the integration is complete, every job you publish in TalentLyft will automatically be sent and posted on your Joberty account if it matches the mentioned industries.

Premium job boards

For premium job postings, go to Get candidates (for the job you want to promote), open the Premium job boards list, and find Joberty.

Click on Add to campaign, select the option for paid job postings you want to use (Standard or Premium) and activate the campaign.

How Does This Benefit You?

Joberty is a community of developers with over 500k monthly visits and over 100k IT candidates ready to apply to your vacancies.

We understand the unique challenges of hiring in the IT sector. With Joberty's integration, your job postings are not just seen—they're seen by the right eyes in the IT community.

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