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Social Network Doesn't Update My Job's Share Image
Social Network Doesn't Update My Job's Share Image

Social networks could cache your old share image and not update it automatically when you try to share the same job with a new image.

Updated over a week ago

TalentLyft offers you a unique link for every created job. You can also control the picture you share, meta title, and meta description. What happens is that sometimes social network caches the picture that you shared and it does not change if you change it later inside TalentLyft.

Please note that clone jobs will keep the original job’s share image and other metadata. To change the job’s metadata, please update the Meta descriptions for the SEO section for the clone job.

If a social network doesn’t show the updated metadata, even after changing it in-app, please use one of the following tools to update it and repost the link after that.

Clearing Facebook’s Link Sharing Preview Cache

Facebook caches data from previously shared URLs. If the URL has been shared previously, please use the Facebook debugger tool to notify Facebook of your changes by simply copying and pasting the link and clicking on the Debug button. Sometimes it takes a couple of tries before it really debugs.

Clearing Twitter’s Link Sharing Preview Cache

For Twitter simply use Twitter Card Validator tool. Insert the URL of the blog post and hit “Preview card”. This will clear the cache on the Twitter side.

Clearing LinkedIn’s Link Sharing Preview Cache

LinkedIn keeps the data of the shared post for seven days by default. To clear the LinkedIn cache, use their tool, LinkedIn Post Inspector.

Just copy the URL you want to share and click on Inspect button.

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