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Creating and Editing Jobs
Creating and Editing Jobs

Learn how to create and edit jobs in TalentLyft

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The job creation process is the same as the job editing one. The only difference is the way you start the process.

Creating a new job

To create a new job, click on the Create new job button in the upper right corner of the Track dashboard.

Job creation wizard will start, and it will guide you through the process of creating a job in TalentLyft that consists of the following four steps:

  1. Job details – enter the information about the job opening here. This includes a job description and additional information for publishing on job boards and sharing on social networks. After saving your changes in this stage, your job will be saved as a Draft.

  2. Application form – customize the application form for this job.

  3. Evaluation Plan – add Scorecards and Assessments to stages of this job's hiring pipeline.

  4. Get candidates – promote your job through referrals, social networks, external recruiters, and job boards.

Editing an existing job

If you forgot to add a question to the application form, want to change the share image, or post a job to another job board after creating and saving the job, don't worry. All jobs can be edited at a later time, except for those that are in the Archived status.

To edit a job, click on the more options icon for the job you wish to edit and select the Edit option.

The job creation wizard will open, but you can now move freely through the steps. Click on the step you want to edit: Job details, Application form, Evaluation plan, or Get candidates.

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