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Automating certain actions, such as sending emails to shortlisted candidates or moving them to specific candidate pools, is a great way to make your selection process much more efficient and faster.

You can set up automated actions within the app settings for one or more stages within a particular pipeline.

To set up an automated action, go to your App Settings - Pipelines - Edit pipeline.

Choose a stage you want to add automated actions to and click on the Edit stage option.

You can choose between 6 different automated actions:

  • Send email - set automated emails to be sent to each candidate when they enter a certain stage in your pipeline.

  • Add task - automatically assign a task to you or one of your colleagues when a candidate enters a certain stage.

  • Add tag - tag will be added to the candidate upon entering the stage.

  • Remove tag - tag will be removed from the candidate upon entering the stage.

  • Add to pool - candidate will be added to a specific pool upon entering the stage.

  • Remove from pool - candidate will be removed from a specific pool upon entering the stage.

You can also set multiple automated actions for each stage.

NOTE: If you have one or more active pipelines and decide to add an automated action within the app setting, this will not be retroactively added to your existing jobs. You will have to add that automated action to the existing job manually.

Along with setting them up in the app settings, there are other places where you can set up automated actions:

  • Rejection reasons - Let's say you reject one or more candidates because you decided to move forward with stronger applicants. Instead of writing a rejection email for every candidate, you can set up an automated response once they are disqualified. This will save you a lot of time when it comes to processing the rejections. You can choose to send an email template or write your own response.

  • Within an existing job - go to the job editor and skip to the Evaluation plan step. Now you can choose one or multiple stages within the pipeline where you can set your automated actions.

  • Within the forms on your career site - head into the Forms section within the Convert module.

Here you can create a new form or edit the existing one by adding automated actions that will be triggered after form submission.

Removing an automated task is as simple as setting it up. Let's say you decide not to send an automated rejection email to your candidates anymore.

Go into App setting - Rejection reasons and choose to edit the desired automated action. Click on the Trash can icon to delete that action.

The same method is applied when deleting a certain automated action within a pipeline.

Now you know how to set up, add, and delete automated actions in TalentLyft.

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