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How To Disqualify Candidates From the Selected Hiring Process
How To Disqualify Candidates From the Selected Hiring Process

Learn how to disqualify candidates from the selection process with the appropriate disqualification reason.

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When you have reviewed your candidate’s application, in any stage of the hiring pipeline, and decided that he/she is not fit to be hired for that position, you can disqualify that candidate.
In TalentLyft, you can disqualify candidates with the appropriate disqualification reason.
NOTE: Candidates can later be filtered by the disqualification reasons.

To disqualify a candidate from a job they applied for, from the main Track window, click on the stage where that candidate is located.

From the list of candidates in that stage, click on the one you wish to disqualify from this job.

On the upper right side of the candidate information screen, click on the Disqualify candidate icon to open the list of disqualification reasons.

NOTE: There is also an option to disqualify more than one candidate at a time, using bulk actions.

When you have selected the appropriate disqualification reason, that candidate will be moved to the Disqualified stage.

NOTE: You can see the disqualification reason for every candidate, when reviewing candidates in the Disqualified stage, below their name.

You can filter disqualified candidates by the stage in which they were disqualified or by the disqualification reason. Click on the funnel icon and select the Stages or the Disqualify reasons filter option.

You can requalify candidates that have previously been disqualified, by clicking on the Requalify candidate icon.

After the candidate has been requalified, he/she will be moved to the last active stage they were in.

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