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Interact with Multiple Candidates at the Same Time
Interact with Multiple Candidates at the Same Time

Save time by interacting with multiple candidates at the same time using bulk actions in TalentLyft ATS

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Sending emails to more than one candidate at the same time, moving a group of candidates from one stage to another, disqualifying them, and other candidate interactions can be done by bulk actions. This will save you a lot of time on redundant candidate actions, which can be done in bulk.

While reviewing candidates in a certain stage, select the candidates you want to interact with, by ticking the checkbox next to their name and the Bulk button will appear. Click on the Bulk button to open the bulk actions window.

Bulk actions – actions that are applied to one or more candidates. You can select all of the candidates in that stage, by ticking the Select all checkbox or just some of them, by ticking the checkbox that is on their Avatar picture.

See a detailed list and description of the actions that are available in bulk.

  • Send email – option to send emails to selected candidates

  • Send SMS (ChatYourJob) - integrate Chat Your Job with your TalentLyft account and communicate with candidates much faster using SMS, Viber, or WhatsApp

  • Add tags - adding tags to selected candidates, making them easier to find and manage

  • Move to stage– moving selected candidates to another stage of the pipeline

  • Disqualify – option to disqualify selected applications

  • Add to Job – copying an application to another job. Duplicate the application to another job.

  • Add to pool – adding a candidate to a custom candidate pool, making it easier to find and group candidates with the same or similar features.

  • Export – option to export candidates' applications and personal information from TalentLyft

  • Share – option to share candidates with someone who is not using TalentLyft. It can be a hiring manager for that department or someone who is not using TalentLyft, but you would value their input and feedback.

  • Create task - Option to create a task and assign it to yourself or to one of your colleagues. The bulk task will be created for all selected applications.

  • Delete candidate – After clicking on this option, an additional window will open, asking you do you want to delete selected candidates or their applications only. If you delete candidates, they will no longer be in your candidate database, their applications, personal information, they will no longer impact the Analytics part of TalentLyft. If you delete only the applications, the candidates will still remain in your candidate database, but their application for that job will be deleted.

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