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How to Anonymize or Delete a Candidate
How to Anonymize or Delete a Candidate
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Removing candidates from TalentLyft can be done in two ways. You can delete or anonymize a candidate.

By deleting a candidate, you remove all information about that candidate, his/her personal information, and applications and he/she will no longer be a part of the analytics report in TalentLyft. There will be no information that a candidate ever applied for a job or jobs, or that a candidate was ever in your candidate database.

Anonymizing a candidate, you delete the personal information of that candidate and the applications. That candidate will affect the analytics but will be anonymous (he/she will be just a number, with no information about the candidate). The anonymized candidate will be a part of the analytics report but will be anonymous, with no personally identifiable information (PII).

NOTE: Once a candidate is anonymized or deleted, there is no way to undo the action.

To anonymize/delete candidates, click on Engage, then go to the Candidates tab.

Select the candidates you wish to delete/anonymize and click on the more options button, located in the upper right side of your screen, and select the Anonymize or the Delete option.

After selecting one or the other, a message will appear, asking you to confirm your action.

Additionally, you can delete multiple candidates in the Track field.

By choosing multiple candidates, you will receive the "Bulk" option.

Among the listed options, you will have the Delete option. By clicking on the said option, you will be able to either delete the candidate's applications or the candidate themself.

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