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Manage candidates

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Candidate Personal Information Self-ManagementThis article explains in detail how Candidates can manage their personal data on TalentLyft Candidate Portal.

Arranging New and Reviewing Past Activities on Candidate ApplicationsLearn how to arrange new and review past activities with your candidates regarding their applications.
Application screeningLearn how to screen applications in TalentLyft and what information is available for you to review and evaluate an application
How To Disqualify Candidates From the Selected Hiring ProcessLearn how to disqualify candidates from the selection process with the appropriate disqualification reason.
How To Evaluate CandidatesEvaluate a candidate and recommend him/her to be moved forward through the stages or to get disqualified from the selection process.
Moving Candidate Applications Through the Pipeline StagesLearn how to move your candidates' applications forward or back through the stages of your hiring pipeline.
Search, Filter, and Sort Candidates within a StageHow to search, filter and sort candidates within a stage of your hiring pipeline.
Snoozing CandidatesSnoozing a candidate to stop receiving notifications for the selected candidate.
Editing Candidate Profile InformationEdit your candidate's application information
Adding Candidates to JobsLearn how to add candidates to jobs in TalentLyft
Copy Candidate Applications from One Job to AnotherCopy candidate applications from a job they applied for to a job that is a better fit for them
Evaluate candidates faster with AI (BETA)Optimize your evaluation process and focus on the most important information from candidates' CVs to make more informed hiring decisions