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Editing Candidate Profile Information
Editing Candidate Profile Information

Edit your candidate's application information

Updated over a week ago

Every candidate that applies for a job, through TalentLyft, will have his/her application information available for you to review.
Through TalentLyft, you have the option to edit that information as you see fit.
From their personal information (like their first and last name, their address, current job title, etc.) to the source of their applications, everything can be edited.

To edit a candidate’s profile information, from the main Track window, click on the stage where that candidate is located and select him/her from the list of candidates in that stage. Click on the more settings icon and select the Edit profile option.

When a profile is in Edit mode, a message will appear, at the top of your screen.

To edit existing information, click on the Pen icon or click on the Add button to add new information to a section.

After you are satisfied with the profile and you want to finish editing it, click on the Done button, to exit the Edit mode.

Here is the list of editable sections and information:

  • Personal information – edit their first and last name, location (address), current job title and company, their picture

  • Source – option to edit the source of their application, and the user that sourced or referred them. The following source types are available:

- Job Board
- Recruiter
- Referral
- Careers Page
- Source
- Social
- Campaigns
- Paid

  • Contact information - Add an email address or a phone number, and to choose a primary email address and phone number (if a candidate has multiple email addresses and phone numbers).

  • Cover letter - Write or edit a Cover letter

  • Answers – Update their answers to screening questions.

  • Education - Edit or add an educational institution, candidate’s degree, and other information, regarding their education.

  • Experience - Edit your candidate’s employment history.

  • Summary – Edit or write a Summary

  • Projects – Add or edit prior projects on which that candidate worked on.

  • Languages – manually add or edit a language and proficiency that a candidate possesses.

  • Pools – removing a candidate from a candidate pool

NOTE: You can manually upload resumes. In the Resume section, simply click on the Choose file button, if a candidate doesn't have a resume uploaded.

Also, you can update and upload a new resume, by clicking on the Upload new resume button.

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