Adding Candidates to Jobs

Learn how to add candidates to jobs in TalentLyft

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After your TalentLyft account is set up, candidates will start applying for your published job positions via your careers page, job boards, social networks, etc. All those candidates will end up in TalentLyft automatically as soon as they apply.

However, you might be in a situation where you need to add an application or resume to a job manually. This might be necessary if a candidate didn't apply using your job ad but has used an alternative method instead (email) or if you are a new TalentLyft user who wants to add the old applications to your new ATS.

There are two ways you can add candidates to your TalentLyft account. You can upload their CVs or manually fill in the candidate information yourself.

NOTE: After adding a candidate to a job, they will also have a candidate profile created in Engage.

Whichever way to add a candidate to your TalentLyft candidate database you choose, these are steps to do it:

  1. From the main Track window, click on the stage where you want to add a candidate.

  2. Click on the more options icon located on the upper right side of your screen.

  3. Select the Add candidates option.

Select how you would like to add candidates: by uploading their CVs or manually filling in their information.

Uploading CVs

This feature allows you to drag and drop or locate up to 50 CVs on your computer and upload them all simultaneously.

The resumes will be parsed, and the basic information about the candidate (name and contacts) will be automatically populated in the candidate's TalentLyft profile. That is done by the integrated parsing algorithm, which is a best-effort algorithm. You should always check the profiles uploaded this way to ensure everything is parsed correctly.

Adding candidates manually

Selecting the Add manually option will open the Add candidate window, where you can enter the candidate's information and upload their resume.

Only First and Last names are mandatory fields when adding a candidate this way.

If you don't have a resume of the candidate adding to a job or if the resume is in an unusual format, this would be the option to use.

Forwarding their email application to a job

Each job you create in TalentLyft will have a unique job email. If candidates send you their applications via email, you can forward them to a job email for the job they are applying for.

To find a job's email, go to the Track dashboard, click on the Share icon for the job they are applying for, and you will find the job email there.

When you forward email applications to a job email, please remember that a Resume must be attached. TalentLyft's parsing tool will parse the attached resume and create a candidate profile and application for a selected job.

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