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Query Builder for Sourcing Candidates

Learn how to use TalentLyft Source and acquire the best candidates for your jobs

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Good candidate sourcing helps companies proactively find and hire quality people to fill their job openings. It is a very time-consuming method, but it is also very rewarding. When sourcing candidates, recruiters need to collect valuable candidate information (resumes, prior work experience data, etc.), they need to assess candidates before the hiring process even started (they need to match candidate’s skills with the role they are recruiting for) and contact candidates and engage them to build strong candidate relationships.

To make candidate sourcing easier and not so time-consuming, we have a sourcing tool integrated with TalentLyft. That way, you can find, contact and convert highly skilled people into candidates and, in time, into hires. In conjunction with our Hire extension for Google Chrome, you can target people with certain skills, from selected industries and countries, then, convert them to candidates, using our hire extension.

To access the Source candidates' screen, click on Source, on your main dashboard.

When starting your search, you can fill in the information yourself or, if you have saved a template, you can pick a template for a specific position. To pick a template, click on the Pick a template button and select the previously saved template.

You can further edit an existing template to better fit your hiring needs and save it, again.
To delete an existing template, click on the Pick a template button, then on the Trash bin icon for the template you wish to delete.

Custom candidate search

To start a custom candidate search, enter the required information:

  • Job titles – what is the job position you are looking for. Some of them, TalentLyft will recognize and the list of similar jobs will open. I started writing “Net” and the list of potential job positions opened.

  • Skills – when you enter a recognized Job title, TalentLyft will suggest skills that are most relevant for the selected job title. You can add a skill, by pressing the (+) next to them or you can manually write the skills you are looking for in your potential candidates.

  • Industry and the Country from where you will be sourcing your candidates.

When you have entered the required information, you can save your search settings as a template, by clicking on the Save as a template button.

Select the network you wish to source candidates from Linkedin, Dribble, GitHub, Xing, Twitter or StackOverflow.

After selecting the network from which you will be sourcing your candidates, the list of potential candidates, that met the criteria, will open.

This is how it looks on GitHub:

After you have reviewed your potential candidates, you can source them, using the TalentLyft Hire extension and convert them into candidates.

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