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Understanding Application and Candidate Sources in TalentLyft
Understanding Application and Candidate Sources in TalentLyft

Understand your candidates' application sources and track where your best candidates come from to optimize your recruitment.

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After a candidate applies for a job, his/her application will be stored in your TalentLyft account. If it is a candidate’s first application, TalentLyft will create a candidate’s profile in the Candidate database.

Each candidate’s application will have a source, which describes how they applied or were added to TalentLyft.

By tracking your candidates’ application sources, you can determine where your best candidates come from, and better optimize your recruiting and hiring efforts.

Source Categories

In TalentLyft, there are several source categories. Here is the list of available candidate sources in TalentLyft:

  • JobBoard – if a candidate applies to a job via free or premium job boards

  • Recruiter – if an External recruiter added a candidate’s application to a job

  • Referral – a candidate applied via the referral link, through the TalentLyft referral program

  • CareersPage – candidate applied via your careers page

  • Sourced – candidate is sourced or manually added to a job

  • Social – if a candidate applied via shared job post on social networks or through the FacebookTab App

  • Campaigns – if they applied through sent email or SMS campaigns

  • Paid – if they applied through paid search or paid social ads


The reliability of those sources is around 90% to 100%. When applying via direct links, that are generated through TalentLyft, they are 100% accurate. If a link is not generated through TalentLyft, then the categorization is done automatically with the help of referrer URLs.

NOTE: The referrer URL is the web page that sends visitors to your site using a link. In other words, it’s the web page that a person was on right before they landed on your page.

If TalentLyft is not sure, or the source of an application can’t be tracked, the source for that application will be Other. In most cases, the issue here is that someone edited the share link or the referral link.

NOTE: If you are having a large number of applications with Other as the application status, we suggest that you try Google Analytics. Through our integration with Google Analytics, you can apply the tracking code to your career site and start tracking your candidates' application sources more reliably.

Candidate source and Application source

In TalentLyft, there are two main entities, regarding candidates and their applications, and that is a Candidate and an Application.

Candidate source

One of the candidate filters in our Engage module is the Source filter. When using the Source filter, you will be able to track how a candidate entered your TalentLyft database, when his/her profile was created.

Application source

Through the Track module, you can track your candidates’ job applications, and each of those applications will have a different source.

NOTE: if the same candidate applies for more than one job position, each of his application will have its own application source.

Source Analytics

You can track the applications’ sources through TalentLyft Source Analytics.

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