HiBob Integration

Learn how to integrate your TalentLyft and HiBob accounts and export your candidates to HiBob the second they are hired

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With the integration of your TalentLyft and HiBob accounts, you will be able to seamlessly export candidates from TalentLyft account and add them to your onboarding flow in HiBob.

In this article, we will show you how to integrate your TalentLyft account with your HiBob account and how this integration works.

Integrating your Talentlyft and HiBob accounts

The integration process is pretty simple, just follow these steps.

  • Login to your HiBob account.

  • Navigate to Settings Integrations

  • Use Search to find Hire API and click on MANAGE

  • Click on Add new integration button

  • Name your integration (we recommend naming it "TalentLyft")

  • When the integration is added, click on the three dots icon and select the Manage option from the dropdown

  • You have now created the subscription and you should subscribe to it to receive Notifications. It is important to subscribe to notifications because exported candidates will be sent to you in a notification and then you need to assign them to an onboarding template.

  • You will now see the URL and Secret that you will need to enable the integration in TalentLyft. You can copy these and save them somewhere or simply leave this tab open while we go to TalentLyft to enable the integration.

  • Open TalentLyft and navigate to Integrations

  • Find HiBob in the list of integrations and click on the Settings button

  • Enter the URL and Secret that you got from HiBob previously and click Save

  • If you want your Hired Candidates to be automatically sent to HiBob, you can set that up with the Auto-export enabled slider. If you decide not to turn this on, you will be able to manually send each hired candidate to HiBob.

How does it work?

There are two ways candidates can be exported to HiBob.

  • Manually – if you didn’t enable the Auto-export option. When candidates reach the Hired stage in TalentLyft, you can manually export them to HiBob.

  • Automatically – if you enabled the Auto-export option. When a candidate reaches the Hired stage, he/she will be automatically exported to HiBob.

When a candidate is exported, a notification from HiBob will be sent to your email and your HiBob notification inbox.

  • Email notification

  • HiBob notification inbox

When you click on the notification, a modal window in HiBob will open and you need to select a hire template that you want to assign this new employee to.

After you have selected a hire template for the employee, you will see the profile with information synced from TalentLyft.

The following information will be synced:

  • Candidate's first name

  • Candidate's last name

  • Candidate's email address

  • The job they are hired for if the job title of the job that the candidate is hired for in TalentLyft matches a job title in HiBob

  • The department they are hired for if the department of the job that the candidate is hired for in TalentLyft matches a department name in HiBob

  • Employment type. In TalentLyft, it can be edited under the Additional information for Job Boards section of the Job details step when creating/editing your jobs.

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