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Learn how to integrate your TalentLyft and HR Cloud accounts and export your candidates to HR Cloud the second they are hired

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With the integration of your TalentLyft and HR Cloud accounts, you will be able to seamlessly export candidates from TalentLyft account and import them as employees to your HR Cloud account.

In this article, we will show you how to integrate your TalentLyft account with your HR Cloud account and how this integration works.

Integrating your Talentlyft and HR Cloud accounts

The integration process is pretty simple, just follow these steps.

  • Login to your Hr Cloud account.

  • Go to Settings Integrations TalentLyft.

  • Copy your Endpoint URL and your Secret key.

  • Login to your TalentLyft account.

  • Go to Profile Integrations.

  • In Integrations, click on the HR Cloud Settings button.

  • Enable the integration and paste the Endpoint URL and the Security key that you have previously copied from your HR Cloud account. There is also an option to enable Auto-export. If the Auto-export option is enabled, candidates will automatically be exported to your HR Cloud account when they are moved to the Hired stage of the job.

  • Click Save and you have finished the integration process.

How does it work?

There are two ways candidates can be exported to HR Cloud.

  • Manually – if you didn’t enable the Auto-export option. When candidates reach the Hired stage in TalentLyft, you can manually export them to HR Cloud.

  • Automatically – if you enabled the Auto-export option. When a candidate reaches the Hired stage, he/she will be automatically exported to HR Cloud.

Exported candidates will be located under the People section of HR Cloud and the following candidate information will also be exported to HR Cloud.

  • Candidate's contact email and phone number.

  • Candidate’s home address.

  • The job they are hired for and the job’s location.

  • Under which department was that job crated in TalentLyft.

  • The date when they got hired, were moved to Hr Cloud.

  • Employment type. In TalentLyft, it can be edited under the Additional information for Job Boards section of the Job details step when creating/editing your jobs.

For more information on managing employees and onboarding them, please visit HR Cloud’s Help Center.

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