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Edit your job description details to attract high quality candidates

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Job details are the first step in the process of creating a new job in TalentLyft. This information will be visible on your Job ad under the Jobs section. It consists of four sections, and each one is explained below.

Basic information

You start by entering the basic information about the position:

  • Job title – Name of the position.

  • Department – The unit in your company's organizational structure to which this job belongs.

  • Ref code – Reference to this job in another app or system. For example, this field can be used to enter this job's ID in your HRIS tool.

  • Country – The country where the job will be performed.

  • City - The city where the job will be performed.

  • ZIP code – The ZIP code of the city where the job will be performed.

About the position

In this section, enter and edit your job description. You can edit your text, upload a picture, or insert a video clip to describe the position, responsibilities, and qualifications.

Additional information for Job Boards

The information entered here is used for posting jobs on some of the integrated job boards and SEO optimization. It is not mandatory to enter this information to proceed with the job creation, and it will not be visible on the Careers page's job section. If you skip this section and want to post a job to a job board that requires it, you will be able to add it later.

  • Salary per year – Yearly amount the person will be earning for this job in USD.

  • Degree level – Level of education required for this position.

  • Contract type – Type of the contract that will be signed for this job.

  • Career level – Level of experience required for this position.

  • Industry – A category under which this job falls.

Meta description for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

A meta description is a short paragraph of text that describes a web page where the link leads.

  • Meta title – the title of the position, not so formally written.

  • Meta description – an invitation for prospects to apply for this job.

  • Share image - an image shown on the preview for a job ad, when it is shared on social media sites and other places that show a preview for a site. Ideal dimensions are 1200x630 pixels.

To Save your Job details information, click the Save changes button in the bottom right part of your screen, and your job will be created as Draft. You will be automatically moved to the next step of the job creation process, Application form.

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