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Sharing Candidates with People Outside Talentlyft
Sharing Candidates with People Outside Talentlyft

Learn how to share candidate application information with someone who is not using TalentLyft, but whose feedback is important

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In TalentLyft, you have the option to share candidate information with someone who is not using the tool. It can be someone who is involved in your hiring process and whose opinion matters. In most cases, it is a hiring manager for that job position. You can select which candidate information you want to share and for how long.

To share a candidate application information, from the main Track window, click on the stage where that candidate application is located to open the list of applications in that stage.

Pick the application by clicking on the applicant's name from the list, and the application information window for that candidate will open. Click on the more options icon located on the upper right side of the information screen and select Share candidate. If you want to share more than one candidate simultaneously, you can do that through the bulk share option.

On the Share candidates screen, you can edit which information will be visible for this candidate outside TalentLyft, until when the share link will be active, and will you allow external comments on the shared candidate.

The information that can be shared is divided into the following sections:

  • Show resume – Share a candidate’s resume.

  • Show name – Share the candidate’s full name or just initials.

  • Show contacts – Share candidate’s contact information (email, phone number, social profile).

  • Professional data – Share the candidate’s education, work experience, projects, and summary information.

  • Show answers & cover letter – Share answers to screening questions and candidate’s cover letter.

  • Show Activities – Share the following candidate activities that happened with a candidate:
    Candidate moved to another job
    Disqualifying/Reverting a candidate
    Candidate applied
    Candidate referred
    Candidate uploaded manually
    Candidate sourced
    Candidate application copied to another job
    Application moved to another job

  • Show communication – Share the following candidate communication information about past communication with that candidate:
    Emails sent to a candidate
    Logged emails sent to a candidate
    Logged calls with candidates
    Emails received from a candidate

  • Notes – Share notes that were left about that candidate.

  • Evaluations – Share performed candidate evaluations.

  • Assessments – Share candidate assessment results.

By clicking on the Share button, a new window will open. There you can share your candidates via URL or email.
When sharing via URL, you copy and paste the URL generated for the selected candidate.

When sharing via email, enter the email addresses of people you want to share this candidate with and enter the email text message.

After you press the Send email button, the recipients will receive an email with the link for the candidate share portal.

By clicking on a candidate, the candidate information window will open.

In the Application tab, the basic information about a candidate application is located. By clicking on the Activities tab, the list of shared activities regarding that candidate will open. If you asked (ticked the Allow commenting checkbox) them for their feedback about this application, they can write it here:

When they send their feedback, it will be visible under the Activities tab in TalentLfyt, for that application/candidate.

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