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Sending Bulk Emails to Candidates
Updated over a week ago

Communicating with your candidates is crucial in maintaining a healthy candidate experience. Keeping them engaged and interested in you as a potential employer is important. Through TalentLyft, you can send emails to a group of candidates by bulk actions or you can send them to individual candidates.
To send a bulk email to candidates, click on Engage, then go to the Candidates tab.

Select the candidates you wish to send an email to and click on the Send email button, located on the upper right side of your screen.

Enter the subject of your email and write the message you want to send. You can also include additional recipients by CC or BCC. When you have finished editing your email, you can send it by clicking the Save button. There is also an option to save your email as draft.

NOTE: When sending an email to more than one candidate, that email will be visible and tracked in the Campaigns tab.

Please also note that when sending bulk emails, the candidates will not see other recipients in that email, they will only see themselves as recipients.

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