When a bulk email is sent through Track or Engage, to more than one candidate, you can analyze the delivery rates and engagement of your candidates in TalentLyft. That way, you can track the success rate of your campaigns and adjust them to get better results.

The information about all your bulk emails (send to more than one candidate) can be reviewed in the Campaigns tab of your Engage module.

On the main Campaign window, you can see the list of your bulk emails (campaigns). In the upper left corner, you can filter the email campaigns by their Status.

The analytical information for each email campaign, visible from the list:

  • Title: the title of your email campaign

  • Status: information in which status is your email campaign currently

  • From: user/colleague that sent the email

  • Sent: the total number of recipients for an email

  • Opened: the percentage of candidates that opened your email

  • Clicked: the percentage of candidates that clicked a link in your email

  • Failed: the percentage of candidates that didn’t receive your email

  • Created: how many days ago was this email campaign created

To see the performance details for a specific email campaign and its content, navigate to your Campaigns tab and click on the name of the sent email.

When you click on the name of the email, the Message tab will open. There you can review the Subject and the Body of the sent email.

You can click other tabs from here, or you can access them from the email list, by clicking on that statistic's number.

When you click on an email from the main Campaign list, you can see the analytical data for that email campaign (as you can from the main email list). The Replied value is added here, the number of candidates that replied to your email.

The information is displayed in other tabs:

  • Sent: the list of all candidates, that were included in that bulk mail, will open

  • Opened: the list of candidates, that opened the sent mail, will be available to you

  • Clicked: opens the list of people who clicked a link in your email

  • Failed: the list of candidates that didn’t receive your email

Example of a list of candidates that opened the sent email.

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