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Two-way Email Communication in TalentLyft
Two-way Email Communication in TalentLyft

Set up your two-way communication in TalentLyft to send and receive emails from your candidates, all in TalentLyft

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Every user that has created a TalentLyft account will receive his/her own email address on TalentLyft’s domain. That email address is important because it enables two-way communication in TalentLyft.

NOTE: That email address can later be changed to your company email address, by selecting another email provider, and will be visible to your candidates when you send emails from TalentLyft.

Because TalentLyft is designed as your main communication hub, it is important to keep everything in one place. With two-way communication, you can send and receive emails from your candidates, all in TalentLyft.

All email communication with your candidates is stored and can later be searched and viewed.

If you want to change your communication email in TalentLyft, please go to Your settings and, under the Profile settings, open the Email providers tab. Click on the Edit button for the email provider whose communication mail you want to use and enter it there.

NOTE: Currently, it is only possible to use TalentLyft’s communication email, but other email providers will be added soon and you will be able to change your communication email address.

To keep track of your incoming email messages, we suggest you enable the Candidate replied to email notification.

You will receive a notification each time an incoming email from your candidates is registered in the system.

NOTE: TalentLyft will automatically assign an incoming email to an existing candidate if there already is a candidate with that email address in your system. If a candidate is using a different email address or someone is reaching out for the first time, you will have the option to create a new candidate profile or to assign the email manually to a candidate profile.

You can also set up to which email address your email notifications will be sent, by modifying the Notification email under your Account settings.

After a candidate sends you an email message, you can respond to that email, directly from the activity feed, by clicking on the Expand button or the View thread option.

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