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TalentLyft Application Settings
TalentLyft Application Settings

Setting up your application settings is easy and fast in TalentLyft.

Updated over a week ago

TalentLyft account setup Is pretty easy and fast. To start using TalentLyft optimally, you should set up your personal and account settings.

To edit your account settings, click on the Profile icon and select App settings from the menu.

The following features and information can be changed or updated from here:

  • Company settings - edit your company settings

  • Pipelines – customize your hiring pipeline to match your company’s hiring needs

  • Job requisitions - allows you to create a formal request for a position and helps with the approval flow

  • Disqualification reasons – add, edit or remove disqualification reasons when disqualifying your candidates

  • Departments – organize your hiring plan by adding departments. You can mirror your company’s real departments or organize them differently.
    NOTE: Every job created in TalentLyft needs to have a department connected to it. Be sure to organize your department structure as soon as possible.

  • Scorecard templates – better organize and structure your candidate interviews by using custom scorecards. Using scorecard templates will save you time so you do not have to create a new scorecard for every evaluation.

  • Email templates – customize email templates to save time when communicating with your candidates via email. Email templates can be used for individual communication or when using the bulk email option.

  • Self-scheduling - add, edit or remove self-schedule links.

  • Custom fields - create your own candidate or application properties that can be populated either by candidates or yourself.

  • Auto response messages – edit an auto-response message or an auto-rejection message that is sent after a candidate applies for a position and (if activated) a rejection message that a candidate receives after her/his application has been disqualified.

  • Team members – make your hiring process easier and more effective by adding new users with different access roles within TalentLyft

  • Employee directory - referral programs encourage employees to recommend candidates, while internal mobility programs support career growth within the company

  • Offices – manage your interview or meeting locations for scheduled events

  • Compliance – set up your GDPR compliance policy and settings to make your account 100% GDPR compliant. As well, avoid discrimination and create a fair and inclusive work environment that values diversity using EEO reports.

  • Manage share URL’s – review your shared URLs for the share candidate portal

  • Tags – add candidate, job and article tags to your company account to better organize your candidates and jobs.

  • Integrations – complete list of available in-app integrations and an option to integrate your account with those apps

  • My job board contracts - manage all job postings, contracts, and credits from one platform, giving you a complete view of your active job boards and aggregators.

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