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Give the candidates the ability to book group or Round Robin meetings with your team
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This article will help you set up your team's availability for Round Robin or Group meetings. This feature will make scheduling meetings, interviews and calls much easier for all the parties involved.

Setting up your availability

  • Go to Your Settings - Profile - Interview availability and set up the availability when candidates can book a slot with your each day

Defining Self-schedule links

  • Go to App Settings - Self-schedule links and add a new Self-schedule link by clicking on the add button. A new pop-up window will appear where you need to select one of the three following options: One-on-one, Round Robin or Group meeting.

    NOTE: One-on-one meetings are already a part of both Starter and Pro plans, while Round Robin and Group meetings are found only in Pro plans or as add-ons to Starter plans.

  • After you choose either a Round Robin or a Group meeting type, you will be taken to step 2, where you need to define the internal self-scheduling name, participants, event type, event duration, first and last available date, location and note.

  • Click on save button and this self-scheduling link will appear in the list of the self-schedule links section.

Sending self-schedule links to candidates

  • This link can be used while composing an email to the candidate and can be sent to the candidate if you click on the following icon

  • Once included in the email, this is how the link will look on your end, before it's sent to the candidate:

  • The email that the candidate receives will look like this:

  • Once the candidate opens the link, he will see all the available slots that can be booked, like so:

  • After a slot has been selected and the meeting was booked by the candidate, the confirmation page will look like this:

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