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How to Schedule Candidate Activities
How to Schedule Candidate Activities

Learn how to schedule a call, meeting or an interview with a candidate.

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To schedule an event with a candidate, click on Engage and then on the Candidates tab.

From the list of candidates, select the one you wish to schedule an event with (click on their row).

While on the candidate information window, click on the calendar icon to schedule an event.

You need to pick a type of event you wish to schedule – A call, Interview, or Meeting.

The information available to enter, when scheduling events are:

  • time, date, and the duration of the event

  • Time zone

  • add more attendees (besides yourself and the candidate)

  • write a note

Interviews and Meetings have one more piece of information required, and that is the Location of the meeting/interview.
When selecting a location, click on the Location field and select one of the suggested locations.

After you click the Schedule button, an invitation will be sent to the candidate (and other attendees), via email.

After the event has been scheduled, it will be visible in your TalentLyft Calendar.

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