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Arranging New and Reviewing Past Activities on Candidate Applications
Arranging New and Reviewing Past Activities on Candidate Applications

Learn how to arrange new and review past activities with your candidates regarding their applications.

Updated over a week ago

In TalentLyft, users can interact with candidates regarding their applications. There is also an option to view past activities and interactions. Because TalentLyft is designed to be your central communications hub for candidate and internal communication, users can also interact with each other, through notes or tasks.

To arrange an activity with a candidate, or view a past one, open the stage where the candidate you wish to interact with is located.

From the list of candidate applications in that stage, select the one you wish to arrange an activity with or to review past activities.

From the main candidate application window, open the Activities tab to add new activities or review past ones.

The following activities are available:

You can also view past activities with that candidate and filter them to view only the ones you are interested in, using the filter options.
Also you can select to view only activities from this application or from all applications made by this candidate. Open the Filter activities settings and enable or disable the All applications option.

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