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Adding Tags to Candidate Applications
Adding Tags to Candidate Applications

Make searching for candidates or candidate applications much easier, by tagging them.

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When reviewing candidate applications, you will have an option to add tags to that application. After a tag has been added to an application, it will also appear on the candidate profile of that candidate in your candidate database.

Tags work as an identifying value and are searchable within a stage. You can also filter your candidate database by tag. This will make searching for candidates or applications, with the same features, skills or knowledge, much easier.

NOTE: First you need to add tags to your TalentLyft account. When a new tag is added to your account, you can add it to applications and candidates.

To add tags to a candidate application:

  • go to the stage where that application is located and open that application

  • Click on Add tag+ field to open the list of available tags and select the one that you want to add.
    NOTE: You can also add new tags, that haven't been added to your company account, simply by writing the new tag and pressing Enter on your keyboard.

When the new tag is added to that candidate, it will appear on their application and on their candidate profile.

To delete a tag from an application, click on the X icon next to the tag you wish to delete.

NOTE: When you delete a tag from an application, it will be deleted from the candidate’s profile.

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