Using Tags in TalentLyft

Mark interesting candidates and their applications for easier rediscovery later.

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With the candidate and application tagging, we made it easier to mark interesting candidates and their applications for later rediscovery.

Since you can filter your candidate database by the Tag filter, you can easily find relevant candidates that have the desired tag on them.
Tags are completely customizable and you have the complete freedom to organize the tagging system to meet your needs. A tag can be a certain skill or some other trait that a candidate possesses by which you can later filter your candidates.

Let us say that you have opened a new position, and you require a candidate that knows C++ and you have used the C++ tag to mark those candidates that have that certain skill. You can simply open your candidate database, go to filters, filter by Tag and select the desired tag.

After you have applied the filter, TalentLyft will list those candidates that have the previously selected tag on their profiles.

Now, you can review their profiles and past applications. If you find them suitable for the position you currently have open, you can even add them to that job.

Tags can also be used to filter candidates within a stage of a certain job. If you have tagged their application or their profile, you will be able to filter candidates within a stage using the Tag filter.

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