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Adding Custom Tags to Individual Candidate Profiles
Adding Custom Tags to Individual Candidate Profiles

Tagging candidates to better organize your candidate database, making it easier to filter candidates by custom tags.

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To better organize your candidate database, we made it possible to add custom tags to selected candidates. Since a tag is a value that candidates can be filtered by, you will be able to search for relevant candidates by tag.

In TalentLyft, you have an option to add tags to candidates through their applications or directly to their candidate’s profile. There is an option to add tags to multiple candidates at the same time or to add tags to individual candidates.
NOTE: When a tag is added to a candidate (via the application or directly on their profile) it will be visible on all applications made by that candidate.

In this article, we will focus on adding tags to an individual candidate’s profile, directly.
To add a tag to a candidate’s profile, click on Engage and select the Candidates tab.

From the list of candidates, click on the one you wish to add a tag to, by clicking on their name.

When the candidate is selected, his/her candidate information window will open.
At the top of the screen, next to their avatar icon and below their name, you will see a list of tags added to that candidate and an option to add a new one.

When you click on Add tag+, the dropdown list, containing available tags, will open.

To delete a tag from the candidate’s profile and, by doing so, deleting it from the applications made by that candidate, click on the X icon, next to the tag you want to delete.

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