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Manually Adding Existing Candidates to Jobs from TalentLyft CRM
Manually Adding Existing Candidates to Jobs from TalentLyft CRM

Rediscover candidates that you already have in your database to save time and money

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One of the great benefits of TalentLyft is the ability to rediscover candidates. While receiving applications for your jobs, you are also building your candidate database. This candidate database is your, and your only, free source of candidates in the future.

Whenever you create a job, you can search your existing database for suitable candidates and add their applications to the newly created job. This way, you will save both time and money that you would otherwise invest into reaching a large number of candidates.

Find the right candidates

To find candidates, go to Engage, and open the Candidates tab.

Make it easier for yourself to find the right candidates in your database by using pools and tags. All of your main candidate groups should be created as Pools (i.e. Sales, HR, Customer Success, Development etc.). That will make it easy for you to find the candidates with interest, experience and/or expertise at the job in question.

If you do not have a suitable tag and/or pool for the attribute you are looking for, you can use the full text search and filters to find candidates who are a good match. Although not as precise as pools and tags, open text search is a great feature for this. Just enter a keyword that you want to look for and the system will search all profiles and resumes for matches.

If you want to see more information about the found candidates, you can click on their names to open their profiles. The most important information in the candidate's profile will be in the previous applications. If you find an application for a similar job, the stage and the reason of disqualification on that job will tell you a lot.

Let's say that a candidate was disqualified in an advanced stage on a similar job and the disqualification reason was something like "Second best" or "Silver medalist" (as displayed in the image below). In this case, you might have the perfect candidate for the job right there in front of you.

You can see on the image above that you can add the candidate to a job directly from there, by clicking the Add to job button.

Add the candidates to the job

These are the steps to add candidates to a job:

  1. Go to Engage.

  2. Open the Candidates tab - if you have followed our instructions in the previous section, you do not need to do these first two steps because you are already there.

  3. Select the candidates you want to add to a job,

  4. Click the Add to job button, located in the upper right side of your screen.

The Add to job window will open, where you can select the company (if you have more than one company account in TalentLyft), the job and the stage where the candidate should be added. When you are done, click the Save button and the candidate's most recent application will be copied to the selected job.

NOTE: You can see the names of the selected candidates, near the top of the Add to job window.

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