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Create New or Switch to Another Company Account
Create New or Switch to Another Company Account

Learn how to create a new company account or switch between accounts if you have access to multiple company accounts

Updated over a week ago

In TalentLyft, there is no limit to how many users or companies you can have on your account.

If you have access to multiple company accounts, we made it easier for you to switch to another company account or to create a new company, without forcing you to log off and log on again.

Create new company account

Click on your avatar icon, located on the upper right side of your screen to open the drop-down menu. There you will have two company options: Create company and Switch company.

To create a new company account, click on the Create company option to enter your Company name and Company website. After clicking the Create button, your new company will be created and will be visible when switching companies.

Switch company accounts

To switch company accounts, hover your mouse cursor above the Switch company option, for the list of companies to appear, and click on the one you wish to switch to.

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