How to Delete My Company Account?

If you no longer want to use your TalentLyft company account, here is how you can delete it and all the related data.

Updated over a week ago

If you decide you want to stop using TalentLyft, permanently, and you want to delete your company account, you can now do it through the Billing options.

​NOTE: Only the person with the administrator access role will be able to delete a company account.

To delete your company account, go to Profile – Billing – Subscription and click on delete your company account, on the bottom of your screen.

After you click on delete your company account, TalentLyft will ask you to confirm your action.

By deleting your company account, you will lose:

  • All your candidate and job data

  • All your account members

  • All your personal and account settings

NOTE: Only after you tick the checkbox, that you understand all your company data will be deleted, the Permanently delete company account option will become available.

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