Set Up Your Pipeline Stages

Learn how to customize your hiring pipeline by adding new, or editing and deleting existing pipeline stages

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In this article, we will set up your hiring pipeline in TalentLyft to match your company's needs. Keep in mind, when setting up your hiring pipeline, that your settings here will affect all the jobs in TalentLyft.

When deciding how many stages will the hiring pipeline have, think of the longest possible hiring process. You will be able to skip stages when moving candidates through the pipeline. That way, the Analytics report will have the most accurate data.

To add, edit, or delete your pipeline stages, click on your avatar icon, then select App settings.

Select the Pipeline stages option from the list and the customization window will open.

You can rearrange the stages, add new stages, rename them, and delete them.

To add a stage to your hiring pipeline, click on the add button, located in the upper right corner of your screen. After that, you will need to name that stage and select a stage type (the Stage name is mandatory and will be visible in the Track window). After you have done that, click on Save.

NOTE: The stage type is for your internal use, to better show the purpose of the stage depending on activities that are done in that stage.

You can rearrange the order of your stages within a hiring pipeline. Drag and drop the one you wish to move by clicking (your cursor icon will change when you position it above the icon) and holding the icon next to the name of that stage.

You can also edit or delete a stage to better match your recruitment process. You can do this by clicking on the pen icon (for editing an existing stage) or the trash bin (for deleting a stage).

The changes made here will be applied to all your job ads in TalentLyft.

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