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Moving Candidate Applications Through the Pipeline Stages
Moving Candidate Applications Through the Pipeline Stages

Learn how to move your candidates' applications forward or back through the stages of your hiring pipeline.

Updated over a week ago

In TalentLyft, moving your candidates through the hiring pipeline is easy. You can move one candidate individually or you can move them in bulk.
When you have finished reviewing a candidate and his application, and you have made a decision to move him forward through the hiring pipeline or to move him back to one of the previous stages for additional testing or evaluation, you will want to move that candidate from the current stage.

To move a candidate, from the main Track window, click on the stage of a job in which that candidate is located.

From the list of candidates in that stage, select the one you wish to move, by clicking on their name.

On the upper right side of the candidate information screen, click on the Move candidate icon to open the list of stages that are available to move this candidate to.

NOTE: Arrow direction by the name of the stage indicates if the candidate will be moved forward or backward.

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