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Using the Pipeline Performance Report
Using the Pipeline Performance Report

Keep track of your candidate movement from stage to stage and how you managed their applications.

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The Pipeline performance report tracks candidate movement from one stage to another. You can see how many candidates applied and how their applications are managed.
Were they moved forward through the pipeline, in which stage were they disqualified, and how many applications are still in consideration for that stage (applications that are not moved from the stage and are not disqualified).

The chart represents the number of applications in correlation with the stages of your hiring pipeline. That way, you can track the applications and see how they are moved through the pipeline.

NOTE: When you hover your mouse cursor over the “column”, representing the number of applications in that stage, the total number of applications will appear.

The tabulated breakdown is located below and you can see, in more detail, how candidates’ applications were managed. You can also see the values in percentages.

The following information is presented for each stage of your hiring pipeline:

  • Applications – total number of applications in that stage

  • In consideration – applications that are not moved from that stage or disqualified

  • Disqualified – number of applications disqualified in that stage

  • Moved forward – number of applications that were moved forward from that stage

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