The Productivity report is one of the Track Analytics reports.

Through the Productivity report, you will be able to track your hiring teams’ productivity and monitor their activities with candidates.

In the tabulated breakdown, you can see, on the far left side of the table, the names of your colleagues and all the activities that can be tracked and monitored.

The following activities are tracked:

  • Moved forward – how many candidates did he/she moved forward through the hiring pipeline

  • Sourced – number of candidates that he/she sourced

  • Reverted – how many candidates did he/she reverted after being disqualified

  • Disqualified – how many candidates did he/she disqualified

  • Evaluations – how many candidate evaluations did they make

  • Emails – how many emails did they send to candidates

  • Calls – number of scheduled calls with candidates

  • Meetings – number of scheduled meetings with candidates

  • Comments – how many notes did he/she leave on candidates

NOTE: You can also choose for which jobs and for what time period would you like to generate a report. When you apply those filters, it will be applied on all the reports, not just on the Productivity report.

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