The Track report mainly focuses on information extracted from your hiring pipeline (when the candidate already applied) and your interactions with the candidates.

At the top of the screen, you can see some general statistical data.

The following information can be found there:

  • Candidates per hire - how many applications do you need to secure one hire

  • % candidates hired - percentage of candidates that are hired at the end

  • Time to fill - the amount of time you need to fill a position. From a employer's point of view.

  • Time to hire - measures the time between the moment your eventual hire entered your pipeline (through sourcing or application) and the moment they accepted your job offer. From the candidate's point of view.

There are also other reports that are available as a part of the Track Analytics.
You can see the total number of candidates in each of the stages of your hiring pipeline, divided by departments. Also, you can track your activities with the candidates and how candidates were moved through the pipeline. That way, you will get a better understanding of what needs to improve to get the most of your hiring strategy.

NOTE: There are two main filters for this report: by jobs and by the time period.

The data is divided into the following groups:

  • Current pipeline - main overview of your hiring pipeline, for your jobs in TalentLyft. You can filter the report by job or department. The total number of candidates for each stage is visible

  • Pipeline performance - how candidates were moved through the pipeline, how many of them are still in consideration and how many of them were disqualified

  • Pipeline activities - in which stages are you, as the recruiter, most active when interacting with your candidates

  • Productivity report - here you will be able to track your hiring teams’ productivity and monitor their activities with candidates.

  • Disqualifications - here you can track the disqualifications, their total number, what were the reasons for these disqualifications and what was the type (you rejected the candidate or the candidate rejected you, as an employer). You can also track disqualifications by the stage in which the candidate was disqualified.

  • Time-to-hire - In this report, you can track how many days has passed since the candidate applied for the position, until he/she is hired.
    You can also track how many days has passed, from when the position was opened, till someone is hired (the position is filled).

Besides Track reports, in TalentLyft, the data is gathered and divided into the following categories:

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