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Using the Current Pipeline Report
Using the Current Pipeline Report

Keep track of your candidates' applications as they are moved through your recruitment pipeline.

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The Hiring pipeline report is one of the reports available to you in the Analytics section.

The data collected and presented here is from the stages of your hiring pipeline and focuses on the number of candidates that are located in those stages. You can filter the information by job and time period.

Every stage is presented in different colors and you can pick if you want that stage to be presented in the report or not. In the brackets, next to the stage name, is the number of candidates located in that stage, for the selected jobs in the selected time period.

NOTE: You can also see the number of candidates in a stage when you hover your mouse cursor over it.

The tabulated breakdown is located below and you can group the information by job or department.

Here you can see all the jobs/departments and the total number of candidates in the stages of your hiring pipeline.

NOTE. If you have the Multiple pipelines add-on, you can track the analytics of every pipeline in the Hiring pipeline reports section.

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